[Exhibition] “Regards de Molenbeek”

Two photographers, Majda Achab (MajKo) and Samir Amezian, walked around Molenbeek to meet local citizens and gather their testimonies– a wide array of views on the worldwide known municipality of Brussels. This name can arouse emotions, but there is more behind it. Indeed, there is a multi-cultural municipality and more important, there are people. Madja Achbab and Samir Amezian give them a voice through their photographs.

The exhibition will take place at “Brass’art Digital Café”, a new cultural center which aims at merging different cultures, arts and people, right in the heart of the municipality.

It opens its doors on the 22nd of March, a date to which no one is indifferent today. The watchword is social cohesion, whatever your background, work, religion, language, ethnicity….etc. You will have until the 29th to go there, but for those who might miss it, no worry, some of the photographs will be temporary exhibited in different shops of the municipality!