[Exhibition] The Nationa(a)l talent hole

Nationa(a)l, a Brussels-based organization, is a real booster for Belgian talent as it merges different creative disciplines; from visual arts and gastronomy, to dance, music, design and more.

Nationa(al) co-founders conducted a study on ‘the needs and opportunities of Belgian cultural and creative entrepreneurs’. Their conclusion was that Belgian artists have a great potential which should be promoted both nationally and internationally, and from then on that point the adventure began. They gathered courage and launched Nationa(a)l in order to offer a better platform for Belgian creativity. Thereby, Nationa(a)l team, Adeline d’Ursel and Leopoldo Profili, adopted a twin-track strategy. On the one hand, they aim at developing communication between the different actors of the cultural scene – artists and consumers. On the other hand, they seek to promote Belgian creation at different levels.

Last December, they erected a pavilion at the Royal Fine Arts Museum – the Nationa(a)l talent hole – where every month two artists work together, and by doing so, draw inspiration from one another. After each residency, Nationa(a)l organizes a closing evening at which the artists present their work. As of mid-February, the current residents are Jonas van Put and Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte. Both are designers and offer different perspectives of the creation process. It’s taking place till the 16th of March, so you’d better hurry up and get over there!






Indeed, tomorrow they’ll be closing the last residency and for this occasion you’re invited to their final Open Air After-Work Party. The evening promises to be great: Jonas van Put and Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte will present the two projects they are working on, you’ll

enjoy drinks, tasty food and DJ sets, so save the date!