[Exhibition] First Close-Up Exposition of 2017!

The artist collective Mangoo Pickle is putting together 2017’s first Close-Up Exhibition bringing artists together from the entire cultural sphere.

This edition focuses on Cultural Heritage which will kick-off Zinnema’s year-long “I have a Dream” theme. The tagline is: “what have we learned and inherited from our (grand)parents and what will be our legacy to the future generations?” The exhibition is passing on the message that we live in an increasingly culturally diverse society and therefore there is more and more space for creative intermingling.

@Gilles GeeKk

Live music and dance, spoken-word and story-telling, photography and illustrations, painting, sculpture and design, ceramics and even knitting. Such an eclectic array of artistic talent packed into one two-day exhibition. There’s definitely something for everyone here!

Here is all the information you might need to enjoy this event on Friday, Saturday or both:

Zinnema Open Talents House
Rue de Veeweyde 24-26 – 1070 Anderlecht

Friday @18:00 and Saturday @15:00
Zoé Schreiber ➳ Photography
Gilles GeeKk ➳ Photography
Rey Ben ➳ Photography
EMIB ➳ Illustration
Mago (Ma Gordon) ➳ Sculpture
Tom Feyen ➳ Painting
Annemarie Einhaus ➳ Painting
Johan Janssens ➳ Painting
Daniella Rossi ➳ Photography
Yan Jab ➳ Video
Maison du Conte de Bruxelles ➳ Parcours

♫ Friday @20:00 Indigo Mango § The Kameleons
☊ DJ Set by Yannick Bras
♫ Saturday @20:00 Fly Roxan
🎤 Live Music @20:30 Eric Labat Music