Exhibition – Duckosmose #2 // Jungla

A great night is coming up soon! The second edition of the Duckosmose is taking place at the Niko Matcha tea bar this Saturday the 27th. This edition is specially framed for the “Bruxelles Jazz Weekend“, taking place this Week-End.

The Niko Matcha is more than a tea bar; it also focuses on cultural initiatives in Brussels. The saloon of the Mecanic Voodoo opened a few months ago. Its three floors structure perfectly suits the concept offered by Duckosmose : merging different types of Art and transcending the boundaries between them.
The main word during this edition is “Sharing“. It is the occasion for artists from different horizons to share between them, and with you of course, their different atmosphere and their experiences. We can say it’s a meeting of artists sharing their visions of the artistic world.
” If your musical education has been neglected, you don’t necessary need to correct it the hard way : the quick evolution of Jazz music will imperceptibly lead you from the freshest and the most natural music typical of the parades and walking orchestras to the finest researches of modern arrangers ; so the world of Melody, Harmony and Rhythm will definitely open to you.” « Jazz for all » from Boris Vian’s book « Derrière la Zizique ».
Bands :

ODIL is a Jazz and improvised music quartet located in Brussels. The band was formed right after the pianists Camille-Alban Spreng and Geoffrey Fiorese met. Influenced by formations without electric bass or double bass, they had the will to create a project with an acoustic piano and synthesizers. « Bass function will be held by keyboards; combining them, harmonic possibilities will be increased.» The fickle multi-instrumentalist Tom Bourgeois has joined them in their project, such as Paul Berne, spotted in the talented “Uptake Quartet”, from Lyon.

Boucan (BE)

Oceanic Jazz musical project sailing for a year on the benches of Groove, Funk, Jazz mirages and Electronic music jerks.

Skyzobergine (BE)

Some wild plants use kitchen utensils in order to cook you up with a funky musical sauce spiced up with some Pop music and a zest of humour. Boarding now for the Soul kitchen of these crazy jammers whom will blow your hears off over a gentle heat! An unusual taste on the tip of your tongue guaranteed.

“If I may say, that type of Jazz rejects easy erotism and all kind of« Wagnerism », it is situating on a dematerialized plan where music is finally changing itself, as painting getting free from representation can finally be only painting. Once being the master of this music which does not facilitate orgasm or nostalgia, I can named this music metaphysical       Julio Cartazar

Exhibition :

Thierry Cheyrol

Visual artist living in Marseille. He offers a micro or a macroscopic vision on subjects which are constantly mutating or evolving. These can be very different from one to another, like planets to protozoon, sea monsters to muscle part…

Pierre Papier

“Drawing is not a line, not a form, not a surface, not a color, not even passion. Drawing is like a fruit, not the idea of a fruit, but its heart.”

Gil Sottch

Visual artist with an multi-form and introspective practice. His imaging is full of bodies and faces which reveal a political way of thinking.

Workshop :

Marmelade Cortazar 

“The aim of this workshop is to stretch the image, to fill oneself with metaphors, until the transformation of our obsessions.”

Feel free to check their Facebook page for more information !