[Exhibition] Duckosmose#1 // Kaleidoscopica

A great weekend is ahead of us! The first edition of the Duckosmose is taking place at Niko Matcha tomorrow.

Niko Matcha is more than a tea bar; it provides a window on cultural initiatives in Brussels. The saloon of the Mecanic Voodoo opened a few months ago. With its three floors, it perfectly suits the concept offered by Duckosmose: merging different types of art to transcend the boundaries between them.

The event will be held for two days, and you’ll get to enjoy a workshop of jewelry, exhibitions, Dj sets and concerts.

It is organized by Diana Dobrescu and the recently created collective Dance Divine: a pop band composed of five people who share the same passion – art as a whole. Their creation process is based on jam sessions; they draw their inspiration from movies, theater pieces and books and aim at showing that music has no limit. They plan on working with stage directors, cartoonists, photographers and fashion designers to create a universe that will break down the barriers between the different artistic disciplines.

The Duckosmose concept invites artists from different horizons to share their respective atmospheres and experiences, as an ode to creativity.


The structure of anything, whether it be a language, house, machine, etc., must be in terms of relations. To have “structure” we must have a complex or network of ordered and interrelated parts.
 Alfred KorzybskiThe Role of Language in the Perceptual Processes

The focus is not on musical genres, what matters is to share; to draw your inspiration from others and inspire others, to meet up, to travel, to feel free and above all, to stimulate the spectator’s imagination. Duckosmose is the name of one of Dance Divine’s songs, a bilingual pun on words, “in da cosmos” or “le cosmos des canards”, which reflects the very idea behind the concept: all art is in one boat sailing into the horizon! The artists taking part in the event will get to know each other, share their own experiences and who knows, maybe decide to work together in the future?

[F]or the creator there is no poverty and no poor, indifferent place. And even if you found yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world’s sound – wouldn’t you still have your childhood, that jewel beyond all price, that treasure house of memories? Turn your attention to it.
 Rainer Maria Rilke,  Letters to a Young Poet

Following their logic, Dance Divine did not fix any entrance fee, so feel free to pay as you’d like.

Great artists will be there to take you on an kaleidoscopic journey!


Kamila K Stanley – Kaleidoscope Eyes

Kamila K Stanley is a British-Polish photographer. As an autodidact, she learned from her travels around the world and from her desire to go on adventures. Her taste for traveling is reflected in her work as recurrent themes are borders, displacement, youth and fragility. When she is not taking pictures, Kamila paints street art under the name of Kaleidoscope Eyes. She reveals in a very colorful way how fragile we are.


EG Photography

Good news indeed, Élodie Gérard is back! Do you remember our first Up and Dawn? Because she was there. For a reminder, check the interview Élodie gave us weeks ago.


Alan Becharef, member of the Communa ASBL, will offer you a large amount of recycled materials like wood, plastic, iron, minerals, feathers for you to design your own piece of creation: you can do a lot with almost nothing!



Nolika is a solo pop electronica lo-fi project. It includes loops, synths and a drum machine while creating dreamy songs and revealing the fragility of human beings.



Dance Divine

The highly colorful musical collective travels through several genres of music for your pleasure.



Skyzobergine is an environment-friendly mix of funk, soul, pop and humor and is perfect to make you feel full and happy! They even plan on going further with this by merging cooking and music performances.

Ethique Pathé

Ethique Pathé will offer an ambient electronic dj set.


Kompo travels from house to deep house and tech-house. He is one of the members of the collectif Dance Divine. Let’s embark on a colorful journey through time.


Well, we are just letting you know that it is the first edition and that others will follow, the next one should be held in May, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in transmedia projects, don’t hesitate to pass by and talk about yourself and your ideas. Let’s get into the mood with an ode to the party by Dance Divine!