[Exhibition] Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST

This week-end, from Friday 10/02 to Sunday 12/02, don’t miss out Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST, a multidisciplinary exhibition that aims to reveal and support the creative proliferation of amateur and professional artists in Brussels.

The exhibition is free and will feature 840 works from 280 artists

Visitors will be able to admire works using techniques such as collage, textiles, installations, drawings, paintings, photographs, projections, sculptures, serigraphy and even jewelry.

Some artists will be exhibiting their work to the public for the first time. Carte de Visite | ARTopenKUNST will allow artists to meet other creators and a new public in a convivial atmosphere. The exhibition is organised by the City of Brussels. And it is huge.

Dates and opening hours:

10.02.17 Opening 18:00 >21:00

11.02.17 Exhibition 11:00 > 19:00

12.02.17 Exhibition 11:00 > 18:00



All images © E. Danhier