Everest Clothing, a new brand made in Brussels



Few days ago we sat down with Patrick, 21, a young e-business student behind Everest Clothing. Read the whole interview below to dive into the universe of his project.

Airplane Mode : Can you explain why you chose to name your brand Everest Clothing? What’s the whole story behind this name?

Patrick : Well, actually everything started with a painting of a mountain. I’ve always had this painting hung in one of my wall and I can’t tell you why but it has always fascinated me. Every time I’m taking a glance at it, there’s this idea of climbing this mountain and reach the top. When I first started to outline a logo for the brand, the idea of an upside-down mountain naturally came to my mind and the name Everest as well.

Airplane Mode : Many streetwear brands already exist, why did you want to create your own?

Patrick : To be honest, I’ve always been into fashion. I’ve always had this liking for streetwear and the its culture. As a part of my studies, we had to make a mandatory internship and actually this is at this moment that I decided to combine my passion for fashion and my studies. This is how Everest Clothing was born.

Airplane Mode : So, Everest Clothing was actually created thanks to a school project?

Patrick : Yes, that’s it. Everest Clothing became my school project, and I will get a grade for it later this year. Besides all the artistic aspect of the brand like drawing the logo, designing the products I had to create my own website, online store and the brand image through the social medias. I’d say that this was definitely the most difficult thing. It’s not that easy to make his own name.

Airplane Mode : Have you been helped ? Are there any other people involve in the project?

Patrick :  One of my good friend helped me to take all the pictures for Instagram and the online store. As I don’t have a camera, every single picture was taken with an Iphone 7. I’m very lucky because my parents and my friends are also very supportive! For now, I’m trying to team up with influencers on Instagram and local shops in Belgium like Mister Ego and Stoemp to showcase and sell my products. I already have about 40 orders for Christmas, so I’m pretty stoked about this!

Airplane Mode : What kind of message are you trying to convey through your brand? 

Patrick : As I told you before, I’ve always been into fashion. So, creating my own stuff was kind of logical to me. I’m trying to make an affordable streetwear brand, original with good materials and crafted here, in Brussels. I’m already working on new products to widen my products range. New colorways and hoodies are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Airplane Mode : What are the brands that inspire you the most?

Patrick : I would say that I draw a lots of inspiration in brands like Carhartt, Volcom or Vans. I’m also really into Australian surf and skate brands. I was really motivated by two French based in Lyon who created their own brand Reyes Clothing.

Follow Everest Clothing on Instagram and head to their online shop to update your Christmas wishlist.