[Interview] An evening with Si-G

After some back and forth messaging through Facebook, Cansu and I met at Allée du Kaai on a Tuesday evening. While chilling at a skate park, she welcomed me with a big smile on her face.

Although she is 10 years younger than me, she shows a great deal of maturity! Better known as “Si-G“, this (really) young rapper – 13 years old only – released her first track featuring Omar G (known from Stikstof) produced by Hyun Lories:

As a Brussels youngster with Turkish roots, she started rapping at the age of 8 or 9. She entered this universe while browsing and hanging around on YouTube, but she was also influenced by Dutch rappers since she lived there for a couple of years. Talking about her current inspirations, she mentioned Stikstof of course, but she’s also into PNL and LAKRIM, even though she doesn’t understand French.

 Soooo what about Omar G? They met at a writing/rap workshop where she dropped a sick freestyle.

With sparkling eyes, she mentioned that she immediately felt that the duo could build upon this connection! She even referred to him as “mijn grote broer” (translated: “My big brother”). She mocked my amateurish Dutch so we came to the conclusion that everything in life is a matter of feelings.

The project with Omar-G is well on track, they met once a week ever since to work not only on their project but also on everything related to rapping like managing your stress and promoting your work etc.  Si-G admitted that her mentor can be hard on her, but that it helps her to go further. After 5 months of intensive work to write, record, produce and promote “Wat wil je dan“, the video was dropped online!

Despite really good feedback, Si-G had to face the harsh critics of haters who said she shouldn’t rap since she’s a girl … Yet that never stopped her determination to push herself further!

The young artist came to realize that rapping is her thing! From time to time, she rapped while answering my questions. According to her, everyone on earth has a gift; you just have to find out what is yours. She added that having a gift doesn’t have anything to do with age or gender, that’s why she feels good in this musical universe even though she is a girl. I was stunned by her maturity. Rap is a passion for Si-G, a way to express herself and feel good. She plans on working with other artists, but rap is not the only thing that matters in her life, she also wants to achieve her other goals, such as becoming a cop!

The one thing that is clear is that she is unique.

Join us on Tuesday 21/03 at Cinema Galeries for the premiere screening of the documentary about Si-G, a documentary directed by Frederike Migom!