[Concert] Don’t miss it – Odezenne concert this Saturday!

We welcome the group in Brussels, this Saturday in a cosy but snazzy venue also known as the VK concert hall, in Molenbeek. Tickets at €24,25.

Arthur Muller confronts us with a short documentary to accompany Odezenne‘s new track, entitled “Chimpanzé“.

The clip in question is intriguing as it illustrates a title that refers directly to apes. The director takes us to the island of Lesbos, Greece. There, he filmed wandering families that escaped heated conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, faced with newly built fences along the border of the European Ideology.

” Quitte à pas être égal entre le Vatican et le Sénégal

Trans. :

“Might as well be illegal, between the Vatican and Senegal”

It’s not the first time that Odezenne openly breaks the silence on social political correctness (all hail season 19 of South Park) – in “Dedans” (Inside), they take a graphic account of some vulgar realities.

“(…) Chie dedans ! Bouffe dedans ! Rêve dedans ! Bosse dedans ! Pleure dedans ! (…)”

Trans. :

“(…) Shit inside! Eat inside! Dream inside ! Work inside! Cry inside! (…)”

We welcome the dramatic tone set in this last one. Come and sing along with exclamation marks this Saturday