[New Music] Did you listen to the last Hero’s project?



Based in Alberta, Canada, Hero is a talented producer, rapper and DJ. You might have heard his previous singles such as “Down in the Hamptons” or “Bitch, I Am David Bowie”. If you don’t know him yet, it’s time to listen to his music!






After years of working on the trap trend and flowing on the waves of various musical influences such as The Weeknd or Jahkoy, he finally decided to release a neat 5-track project called “VHS POP”.

His music impeccably merges electronic, soul, trap and old school/retro-pop to create an alternative R&B groove. You can easily notice the use of heavy basslines and retro synths to emphasize the emotional messages regarding the chaos of relationships – the leitmotiv of his songs. Moreover, his vocoded voice perfectly matches the mood he wants to give to his musical vision.

Let yourself be transported by “The Juice” and watch his brand new video clip produced by Phantom Culture and realized by Marco de Acetis:

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