Dahype, a new talented artist in the making

We had a few words with Dahype, a young Brussels based DJ. He will be play his magic during our collaboration with Le FOCUS at ULB. Learn more about him below :

Airplane Mode : Can you tell us a bit more about yourself ?

Dahype : Sure, of course. So I’m Darryl Croiset a.k.a. Dahype, born to a Rwandan mother and a Belgian father. I will turn 20 in one month and I’m currently studying accounting and living in Brussels. I love Hip-Hop music and other things around it like R&B, Grime, Trap and Drill. I really like the vibes from Toronto and Atlanta, my main inspiration comes from there.

A.M : When did you start to be a DJ? what triggered it ?

D. : All began last year, so it’s quite recent. I used to chill with one of my friend and one day he came over with a controller and I was just like man this thing is crazy. So, I started to play with his controller and I finally bought one for myself. This was a kind of revelation. This is the point where all started.

A.M : What inspires you ? And how did you get introduced to this kind of music ?

D. : As I said before, I take my main inspiration from Toronto and Atlanta. To me, everyone should take a look at these cities not only for the music but the vibe and the culture as well. Many things happen there. A lot of big names of the Hip-Hop industry come from those towns. Big shout out to Tracy, my Hip-Hop mother. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t met her! She taught me a lot !

A.M : Have you ever thought about being a producer instead of being a DJ ?

D. : I’ve been asked this question many times ! Yes, I’m thinking about it. Actually, I don’t have spare time for the moment but maybe one day ! 

A.M : Which artists are you currently listening to ?

D. : I’m currently listening to a lot of new artists such as : Lil Uzi Vert, Asap Mob, Xxxtentacion, 6lack, 24hrs and Partynextdoor…

A.M : What is your dream collaboration ?

D. : It was Travis Scott x Quavo until I saw it will happen soon as Travis said…

A.M : Any plans for the future ?

D. : First, I will finish my studies, and then I’ll try to grow up as a DJ and maybe a producer. Who knows?

A.M : The name of our association is Airplane Mode. It refers to these moments when you need to disconnect yourself from the world and do something that corresponds to you. When do you switch off to Airplane Mode ?

I put myself on Airplane Mode when i’m behind the decks recording or playing a set, the rest of the time i’m always connected.



By Jason