Concert – Tim Dup performs at “Les Nuits Botanique”

Tim Dup
Tim Dup is going to blow your mind the 18th of May at “Les Nuits Botanique“. If you don’t know him already you should really go through this article !

Tim Dup loves music since his childhood. In his family each and everyone of them could learn playing an instrument. He chooses the piano at the age of 7 and he never left it since then. He started singing a lot later, a bit by chance. First came the love for instruments and then the feelings provided by writing and singing.

He is an author – composer and singer. He listens many styles of music and also has many influences like Hip-Hop, Electro and French song. Several artists have an influence on his music like Daft Punk, Kanye West, Jacques Brel, Brassins, Léo Ferré.. And also from his parents, The Beatles, Bob Dylan.

“My parents have never been into the music world, so the fact that I’m into it scared them a little. My father was always a little bit frustrated not being able to play an instrument so he pushed us to discover that.”

Tim start singing in a choir, at school parties… And then in some bands in English before coming back with French. One day a record company came and it was on !

Tim writes very deep lyrics. They are not complicate to understand but they have a true meaning. He likes the phrasing of Hip-Hop music, that he tries to synthesis in order to make something unlike the usual process chorus-verse/verse-chorus.

It’s not the first time that Tim is coming to Belgium. He already played at Botanique, he also did the first part of Feu! Chatterton. And this summer he is blocked for three festivals ! So we asked him to describe Belgium in one song for us !

“For me it’s “Bruxelles ma belle” of “Dick Annegarn“. But I think that all of what Brel did is also my answer. Belgium has this capacity of having very complete artists. Singer -composer-author but with a real message to spread to others.”

Luckily, Tim is not alone to do all this work. Yes, he writes and composes but he also works with “Pavane” who plays some piano and do some electro music as well. He has also his video maker “Hugo Pillard” which became a good friend.

A lot of people make the comparison with the French singer “Vianney” or even “Fauve“. But for Tim, they surely have the same musical influences as him rather than they influence each others. Despite his young age, you can see that Tim is really cool headed. And for his part :

“The greatest reward for me is really to share the song I wrote with my audience, and they also give me so much support and that’s the beauty, the most rewarding thing for me.”

Tim is currently finishing the recording of his first album and this one is going to be released at the beginning of October with some interesting featurings ! Meanwhile, you can go see him this summer !

Nuits Botanique” 18th of May, “Ardentes” 7th of July, “Francofolies de Spa” 20th of  July.

And just before summer: here is a song from his EP “Vers les ourses polaires” !