[Concert] The return of the Space Cowboy in the flat country

Have you heard the news today? Jamiroquai and the charismatic lead singer Jay Kay are back in Belgium. After 6 years of absence, the band, the cosmic boy and his funky hats will be performing in Antwerp on November 11. The Space Cowboy is back!

Jamiroquai’s most famous song Virtual Insanity is a clear example of the type of music the band offers. Mixing electronic music with funk, jazz and soul (and sometimes hip-hop), the band cannot be classified under one category. This original style gave us three marvelous albums that should be registered at UNESCO World Heritage: Emergency On Planet Earth (1993), The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1994) and Traveling Without Moving (1996). But the following albums weren’t as good as the first ones. Letting down the acid jazz tone for a funkier one, Jay Kay made a losing bet while releasing less striking tracks destitute of illusions. However, the band made great sales.

In 2006, feeling the wind blowing on the music industry, the singer – a true music devotee – expressed his doubts on whether or not he’ll pursue his career; he eventually did and dropped one of his greatest-hits (High Times : Singles 1992-2006) the same year and two other albums (Rock Dust Light Star and Automaton). The latter was released this year and reveals the better acid jazz part of Jamiroquai as well as the worst binary electronic part of the band. Anyway, after 25 years Automaton proves that for both the best and the worst the band has still got the jazz and is “funkier than a mosquito”. If only for Cloud 9, we have to acknowledge that Jamiroquai is still too young to die. So let’s meet at Jamiroquai’s concert in which the members of the band will, as they usually do, blow our minds by playing their old glories along with their new songs.

The concert will be held on November 11, in the Sportpaleis of Antwerp.

By Jésus Īsā Ngen