[Concert] Ohio Kid @ lehic

New arts café atelier Lehic will host another inspiring free concert this Friday 10.03.2017 at 20.00. Italian-born, Luxembourg-based singer Ohio Kid will present his second album “Everyone was sleeping as if the Universe were a mistake“. Don’t miss out its dreamy and intimate folk atmospheres.

Ohio Kid’s new work – published four years after the previous “The Day When We discovered the light” – reveals from its title the ethereal and visionary nature of the artist’s music. Reverberated sounds, suspended guitars and whispered melodies take us on a journey through echoes of lost love and the sense of loss that comes with it. A silver lining then emerges from the reminiscence of what is left behind, as the fear of missing out and loosing memories gives way to the search for a spark of light hidden between the clouds. A sign of hope that can make sense of our universe again.

Everyone was sleeping as if the Universe were a mistake” was published in Fall 2016 for Antilope Family. Streaming and digital download is available on the main distribution platforms.

You can find more information on Ohio Kid at: https://ohiokid.bandcamp.com

Contact @ ohiokidcontact@gmail.com

As the Brussels rain keeps us waiting for some rays of light, the glacial and ethereal moods of Ohio Kid’s music will fit like a glove at Lehic, café atelier, arts library and co-working space created by painter Gennaro Scarpetta and photographer Maria Vastola as a meeting point to catalyse multiple forms of art. An eclecthic, rythmhic, psychotonhic space, with the search for beauty as founding inspiration.


Rue de Rodenbach 51, 1190 Bruxelles


Open Monday to Saturday 10h-18h30

Tram lines 3-4-51 Albert/Berkendaal stop

Bus 48 et 54 Albert stop

Tram 92 stop Darwin stop