[Concert] Exit Mr Nov! Welcome Nov!

Nov will perform on Friday the 31st of March at Stereo – formerly Mr. Wong, 10 Rue de la Vierge Noire, 1000 Brussels – and we seize the opportunity to talk about the development of this French RnB/soul phenomenon.

R.I.P Chinois Chauve. Mr Nov is dead! Long life to NOV! Few years ago, one of the rare representatives of the nu soul music in France came back with more dancing tracks. Following the evolution of RnB music on the other side of the Atlantic, the author of “Evo” falls right in line with Bryson Tiller and others. Indeed, his latest tracks smartly merges trap rhythms and soul melodies. Four years ago, the 30-year old artist made a risky bet when he decided to leave the nu soul to reach a wider audience of night-owls and party people. Switching again from Colored Music label to Interludes, it took him another album to find his own musical style – and all of this is great.

Well, his EP “Pure” released in 2013 wasn’t his greatest musical success – 6 tracks mixing Ryan Leslie and others RnB producers inspired rhythmic instrumentals with Nov’s really high voice. However, his lyrics announced something different. Then, “Cullinan” was released in 2015 and a new world opened its doors. While Nov’s main default remains – he should work on the lyrics – the beats are more than polished and invite you to move every single part of your body. He returns to the groove sounds from Dans tes yeux and Jasmine and merges them with trap beats – while the artist rediscovered himself, Mr Nov renewed himself.

What we could see coming in “Pure” has been confirmed with “Cullinan“: Nov is not the loverboy he used to be in his previous albums anymore. He does not beat around the bush and his lyrics are more erotic, like in À deux doigts. Ladies, be careful quand vient la nuit (when the night comes)!  He worked in collaboration with Skreally Boy/Richie Beats and Elinass. At the end of 2015, the French artist released Evo, which confirmed his trapsoul identity. Dollars/Euros (remix), RIP, Y’a ceux qui disentQuand vient la nuit, Down for me: music video after music video, the artist now known as Nov without Mister knock us down. This EP is a real success; it provides evidence of the artist‘s ability to adapt to the trend while sticking to his own style. Join us on Friday at Stereo!

Nov vas-y tue-les! (Come on Nov, kill them!) BANG ! BANG !

 by Jésus Isa Ngen

 *Available in French here