Maud Neve or the art of finding reality in fiction

Meet Maud Neve, a young Belgian director standing between the world of fiction and documentary. After her studies at the IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion), she chose to experiment these two types of content, enjoying blurring the lines between them.

After the success of her movie A Lizard under the skin, which won several awards, Maud is now working with Roue Libre Production for her new project in post-production:


“A little girl filmed by her father looks in the depths of the sea, searching for a treasure, with no avail. Disheartened, she comes back to him. Her father and his crystalline eyes, the love of her young live, encourages her. “What do you mean, there is no treasure?”. Years later, she is still looking. She’s looking for the absolute, in the depths of his clear eyes. Léa’s eyes, child unrecognized by her father, glow like the Mediterranean.”

The story is one of a dreamer and an illegitimate child, how the girls discovers themselves through the summer by the Mediterranean Sea. They must face a new truth, and surpass it. The father had lied. Even unconditional love has flaws. He has always told her to look for the treasure in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.  She may just find it in the eyes of Léa, and the summer spent with her.


The project explores the power of illusion, of lies, and above all, of love. Our own perceptions can act as a filter, susceptible to change as years pass by.

By using real footage Maud’s father took of her, and making the voice of the little girl inaudible and appearing in subtitles, Maude Neve blurs the line between documentary and fiction. Using “amateur” looking captions, the movie illustrates the search for reality in fiction.

This project is currently in post-production. After months of montage,  research and experimenting, Roue Libre Production is making a campaign and raising funds to see it to its end.


You can find more about the project on the Facebook page.

If you want to participate, click here.

And finally, here’s the teaser of this beautiful project, below:

By Camille