Tarmac: The RTBF is embracing Urban Culture!

After several months of elaboration, the RTBF is ready to launch “Tarmac”, its broadcast dedicated exclusively to Hip Hop and Urban culture! Tune on!

The RTBF has a new playground. Indeed, “Tarmac” is a new multi-medium (radio/TV/internet) channel which dedicates its programs exclusively to Hip Hop. Official opening tonight at 7pm! Thomas Duprel, aka Akro, is heading this new project. He is working on it for months, elaborating this whole new concept crafted for digital natives, aged between 15 and 25 years old.

I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. We started from nothing and have created a 450 square meters studio. We had built a street corner replica, a coffee shop, even a subway train that we will use as our radio studio and other things that will serve for different purposes. Akro

Originally, Urban culture comes from Hip Hop which has emerged at the end of the 70s’ and rapidly spread everywhere. It’s a very popular style young ones know without knowing its background. It creates bonds with other musical styles such as Electro, Rock

It’s something which has to be open on the rest. We transform negative energy in positive energy. It’s a vector of positivity. We transpose it to the new generation which is very creative and use perfectly social medium. Some of them can create their start-up from a video they made in their bedroom. That spirit and this dynamism inspire us. Akro

In conclusion, this tonight broadcast will be a special one entitled “Je vous salue ma rue” and no one else but GeorgioNew SchoolJeanJassCaballeroKt Gorique “Couteau-Suisse”Senamo will perform for the occasion! It will also be streamed live on the Tarmac Facebook page. The team will be present at the Couleur Café Festival this week end as well!

By Len