Is SUB_LAB the next Brussels artistic phenomenon?

Let’s focus on the startup SUB_LAB which has launched its campaign on the crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank. It might be the next big artistic thing in the European Capital as well! Its objective? To promote, in the heart of Brussels, alternative and rising artists through an online platform on one hand, and through multidisciplinary artistic events organized in atypical venues on the other hand.

A hub designed by passionate artists for passionate artists:

What could be the starting point of such an ambitious and unusual idea? What could be the paternity of a name that sounds like an underground, experimental concept which even dare freeing itself from a conventional syntax?

The answer resides in three different names : Céline, Paolo and Laly. All three are artists or art aficionados agree on the same topic even if their backgrounds seem disparate: A universal passion for art without boundaries or shackles, and also a real frustration regarding a European Capital which is not fully exploiting its potential. That’s why they have decided to push it forward.


According to Céline, the Brussels artistic scene is full of ressources but is too elitist and trapped by conventions. This point of view comes after having discovered the Berlin artistic universe which is composed of alternative art and experimental events. According to her, Art has to be accessible for all and lead to a discussion about the great social issues of our time.


Paolo was highly influenced by a trip to Cuba which was a revelation. In fact, Art is a way of life in Cuba. It belongs to the Cuban streets, cities and their inhabitants. It is profoundly linked to the pulse of the country and spreads over buildings and alleys, it lives. This established fact proves that a barrier is still too much present between art and public here in Brussels. Paolo hopes through SUB_LAB to enlarge the Belgian artistic scene and make it more accessible to everyone. He confesses on the KissKissBankBank website page of the project :

« Within this era of over information and overconsumption, art should be an escape for everyone to think about world’s state, without giving any lessons »

To conclude, Laly is the third cornerstone of the team. Firstly Laly_Sub_Labsinger and guitarist in a band, she is taking a year off in order to devote herself to Art. Moreover, she has discovered while studying a passion for event organization. She has joined Paolo and Céline to complete this atypical trio, and so was born SUB_LAB, the perfect junction of their ideas and ambitions.

A non-identified community which desires to revolutionize the Brussels artistic scene:

The association wants to be fully alternative regarding the chosen artists, places and public. Consequently, the aim is to offer an art more integrated to the city, more universal. They also want to support emerging and promising artists coming from all artistic horizons in order to join them to a unique community based on two poles:

  • An online pole looking like a social media. It will gather the community of artists and aficionados.
  • An offline one, where people meet in person during events.

All things considered, this underground laboratory seems to have chosen an original formula composed of :

  • Vacant, unknown or forsaken places which are typical and original. They are an alternative to academic frame of reference or classical schemas.
  • A crossroad between all artistic disciplines. In order to form a coherent whole from multiple heterogenous artistic entities and multiple audiences.
  • A militant art conceived to break down barriers and focus topics on actual issues.

An ambitious project that we need to watch closely:

As you might understood reading this article, the objective for SUB_LAB is to express a new way of making art. As a true artistic laboratory, this startup wants to mix both disciplines and audiences in order to create a perfect harmony from disciplinary richness and creative diversity. It’s a significant challenge that we can compare to the creation of a whole new universe from disconnected planets. Will they manage to do that? We hope so, or at least we wish so as their promise looks very ambitious. In any case, we can salute their initiative.

We invite you to check out their KissKissBankBank website page and support their project if you also share that dream of seeing an art incorporated to the city, unbounded and universal.

By Kevin and Len