[Breaking News] The Plartform

A new online Plartform dedicated to every artist out there has been launched, but what is it exactly about?

The Plartform is an online platform which aims at connecting artists and artisans from all backgrounds to enable joint creations. To identify the needs of registered artists, the Plartform team conducts custom researches in order to better meet the criteria of the artistic project.

Nowadays, social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect way to keep in touch with your friends or to create a professional profile, but the art world is scattered between them. Theplartform.com exists to help artists and artisans to connect with each other. With a selected “artist of the month” and a growing profiles database, subscribers are now able to visualize and discover hundreds of new project possibilities. From a singer looking for a guitarist to joint work between a dress designer and a seamstress, everything is possible.

Whatever your artistic talent or experience in the craft industry is, check out the website to create your profile and the result is the project of your dreams! The whole process is 100% free!