[Breaking news] Airplane Mode presents: Pop Up Expo

This week-end, we have concocted a special event just for you!

For two days you can find us at Place du Jeu de Balle where we have invested the former Arts Lab Brussels space for a two-day event.

Our guests of honor? Pache and Amal Boujemaoui, two street artists who both work with large formats. This two very talented artists often treat similar themes but from two very different and opposite points of view. Displaying their work side by side is a way of inviting the viewer to witness an often contradictory and antithetical argument which will make them question the most vicious aspects of modern society.

Pache is an artist and designer born and based in Brussels. He pursued his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Brussels. At this time, he discovered graffiti. He was 16 years old and never stopped drawing since then. After graduating from the Academy, he moved to Barcelona for five years to study industrial design. There he also developed his painting skills on canvas. Pache is a versatile artist who loves to explore new fields of creation. However, his main activities are painting and customisation. He recently did a solo exhibition named “Apparentia” at Marie Demange Gallery, and worked with famous brands like Zalando and Porsche. Pache also does customisation and murals on demand.

Pache’s world is an explosion of color and expressivity. Populated with childhood characters, his paintings are full of life. With a strong desire to leave his mark in the field, his art has evolved over the years into an abstract style in which he combines shapes and colors but keeps a strong bond with graffiti.

Amal’s world on the other hand is a darker one. Born in Liège in 1988, Amal is a Belgian artist but also an art teacher. He graduated from college in 2010, then continued his studies at the Beaux-Arts Royal Academy in Liège, where he got a master in didactic illustration in 2014. Amal only creates with graphite mediums and he usually uses large sheets of paper. The different themes result from a mental list he has been making since his youth; and one can easily notice that some elements are recurrent. Some components, made separately in the past and often meant for big fortunes, are now mixed with mass produced elements. In doing so it creates a new dialogue for our modern consumer society. The temporal relation and the geographical link of these components have pride of place in his work.

Besides the exhibition, we prepared four live music sets to complete your visit. On SaturdayJunior Goodfellaz, EKANY, Théo and Durynton will make sure the party goes on! And If you are not tired when we close our doors at 10, come to the BULEX : Beat Me Up after party where we’ll take over a room with FTRSND from 11 pm until 6 am!

See you next week-end!


15th of April – 3 p.m. till 10 p.m.

16th of April – 11 a.m. till 8 p.m.



1A, Rue des Renards

1000 Bruxelles

Place du Jeu de Balle