[Breaking news] Airplane Mode joined CREATIS


Good news indeed, CREATIS, a platform dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation in the cultural sector, has arrived in our flat country and we’re on board!

Born in Paris in 2012, the Incubator arrived in Belgium earlier this year thanks to ING and KissKissBankBank. The head of this Belgian platform is Edouard Meier, a fervent advocate of culture. As he coined it “being hosted by CREATIS means being part of an ecosystem that goes beyond the shared workspace.” Oh yes, it means much more than a roof. It offers a network, an easier access to funding, confidence, synergy, support, it broadens our perspectives, boosts our economic and cultural development, etc.

None of this would have worked without ING and KisskissBankBank. For more than 40 years, ING has been organizing exhibitions, and now the bank hosts CREATIS at 2 rue de Namur. As for KissKissBankBank, it is THE European crowdfunding platform dedicated to creative projects. For those who have no idea what crowdfunding is, here is a short description: it’s a different way of financing, driven by other criteria than the raw pursuit of profit; it’s collaborative and reflects the changes in our economy. In other words: it’s great!

On CREATIS’ inauguration day, Thursday 23rd of February, guests from the political sphere as well as from the business world and the culture sector gathered for a press conference in the morning. This was a great opportunity for residents to introduce their projects. In the evening, the band Wild Shelter opened the festivities and gave a concert, followed later in the evening by a live DJ set by FTRSND.

A new cultural era is on the way…