Boiler Room

[Party] Boiler Room and Eristoff present INTO THE DARK

Boiler Room and Eristoff are teaming up to launch “Into the Dark”, a new platform focusing on techno music and street art from around Europe. Ever wanted to attend a Boiler Room session? Now is your chance. Into the Dark will take clubbers on a mystery party tour of European underground nightlife, for “a journey of discovery deep…

Roxy Rose

[Interview] soulful singer ROXY ROSE “my songs are an open book”

Originally from Belgium, Roxy Rose has moved around quite a bit. Living in London, Portugal, and moving a lot within Brussels has taught her to see the world differently. Through her music, she hopes to travel and meet people from all over. Read on to find out about her work! Airplane Mode: Could you tell…

Moka Boka

[Music] Presenting MOKA BOKA, new kid on the Belgian rap scene

Are you searching for some new music to add to your digital library? Then look no further. Presenting MOKA BOKA, new alternative rap phenomenon coming to you straight from Brussels, Belgium. In his quest for the incontestable truth, his truth, Moka Boka enters the thriving French speaking and Belgian rap scene. Natural born writer, he uses…


[Interview] Diane, insight into the world of female DJing

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Diane moved to Belgium in 2001. Very active in the Brussels music scene, she came down to chat to us before her set at Velvet Wednesdays on the 25th of October. As one of the few female DJs around, she gave us some interesting insight. Airplane Mode: How did you get into…


[Interview] DJ KRESHIK “just like a mole, he loves to dig”

DJ and co-founder of Brussels based collective BeatChronic, Kreshik will light up the dance floor for us this Wednesday 18th October for the second edition of Velvet Wednesdays. He answered a few questions for us in anticipation. Half Belgian half Polish, Kreshik takes his name from a Czech cartoon mole, to symbolise his love for getting down…


[Interview] : Chez Oscar, the new location that brings hip-hop to Brussels’ underground

Located in the heart of Brussels underground – in Rogier underground station – Chez Oscar is the new temporary hub dedicated to hip-hop music and culture in the heart of Brussels. The spot, unique in Belgium, is a living space where you will find the best exclusive merchandising, hip-hop gears and local clothing brands. We sat…

Gilles Geekk

[Interview] After 7 years, Gilles Geekk “still doesn’t like to call himself a photographer”

We spoke to Gilles Geekk about his passion for art and how it’s taken him on a journey of self discovery. Inspired by his multicultural heritage, his photos have been praised even by a top figure of today’s artistic world. On the 19th of October, come join us at BrewDog to admire some of his work.  Gilles Geekk is…


[Arts] : Belgium now has its new colorful dream place to hoop

Thanks to a recent artistic trend, a bunch of colorful and unique basketball courts are blooming across the world. After Paris, New-York and many other cities in the globe, a Belgian artist has finally overtaken a neighborhood basketball court in Aalst and transformed it into a crazy gem. The well-known and very talented muralist Katrien…


[Interview] Exclusive insight into SIMON LESAINT “not quite the Saint”

Belgian DJ Simon LeSaint took us to his favourite record store in Brussels to have a chat before his set at Velvet Wednesdays this week. Check out what happened at Arlequin below! Airplane Mode: Could you introduce yourself in a few words? Simon LeSaint: My name is Simon LeSaint. I’m a DJ, musician, drummer, I play keyboards……


[Interview] TANAFLOW, fresh new DJ bringing life to Brussels parties

Jonathan Alcoba aka TANAFLOW came in to have a chat with us prior to his set at the Velvet Wednesdays opening edition this week. Check out how it went! Airplane Mode: Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Tanaflow: I was born and raised here in a Filipino family. I have always lived a musical life…