La Vitrine: Art is moving and exhibiting around Brussels

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Is art intended to an elite? That’s a prejudice that La Vitrine wants to change. Indeed, the world and art are moving constantly, mixing different people from different cultures, gender and religions, sharing their life experiences through social medias, books, websites…

Mangoo Pickle has created the concept of “La Vitrine” with this state of mind. Taking place in a shipping container that will display different artists depending on the place where it berths, it is designed as an air bubble out of the real world. Moving all around Brussels, it invites people passing by and neighbors to join in. People will consequently be both viewers and actors of a new type of art.

In brief, the artists have been selected on different criteria representing Humanity at a small scale. The point is to choose different types of art with creators from different background, age and origins.

Wallpaper_La Vitrine

So every Friday from 5pm to 10pm, an aperitif is organized with a live performance. Then, every  Saturday from 3pm to 10 pm, everyone is invited to take part to the event, meeting the artists, contributing at workshops, or having a drink at the open bar.

Among the performing artists:Dessin_La Vitrine

  • Alicia Jeannin – Stage set/Sound art;
  • Youri Botterman – Music and Singing;
  • Ricky Rondo  Slam/Writing;
  • Dewi Brunet – Origami;
  • Corentin “Spear” Binard  Graffiti/Painter/Illustration.

“La Vitrine” will appear in Ixelles, Place Sainte-Croix Expo, from the 21st July to the 13th August 2017.

Altogether, out of the cold and restricted places of the usual art exhibitions, you are all invited to be part of this new kind of art. Indeed, come on board and sail for a minute or an hour and let yourself be lulled by this cultural movement. Perhaps you will be astonished, delighted or puzzled by this experience. Who knows?

To summarize, all you need to know about “la Vitrine” is here

By Leïla & Len