Daniil Lavroski: A nightbird witnessing today’s youth

Daniil Lavroski
Daniil Lavroski is the rising sensation regarding nightlife photography. He is also a witness of what is going on within the skateboarding subculture. 

Daniil Lavroski_Wecandance
We can dance!
Daniil Lavrovski is a Dutch-speaking confirmed photographer living in Bruges. His work is considered as one of the best when it comes to nightlife. The funny thing is that Daniil did not originally want to focus on this particular topic. Nevertheless, his talent was noticed by many professionals which allowed him to make a name for himself. After winning the Redbull Elektropedia 2016 contest, Daniil is currently working for the company. His main job is taking pictures at big events such as festivals. Indeed, you can check his work at the 2017 Dour Festival on his Facebook page.


Daniil Lavroski_Skateboard Face
Board Face Killa

This is for the working side. More personally, Daniil takes pictures that are, for the most part, portraits, black and white and urban landscapes. By checking his work, we can see that Daniil is trying to find beauty in those concrete jungles we are living in. It is obvious that Daniil is one of these skateboarding kids whose desire is to witness one of the subcultures in Brussels. His black and white pictures remind us Anton Corbijn’s ones. Is it a coincidence?

You could ask him the question by coming and checking out his work at the fourth edition of Les Apéros Culturels, Thursday the 27th at the Brewdog Bar, from 5pm until midnight. Meanwhile, have a look at our gallery below.


By Len and Léa


Daniil’s pictures gallery: