[New Music] Alt-J finally comes back

Monday morning is never a good moment, but waking up discovering the full Alt-J single after the teaser 3 days ago cheers you up!

3WW is the first single of the upcoming album called Relaxer, expected for June the 9th. This follows the previous record This is All Yours, released in 2014, and a huge worldwide tour.

So why did the band take three years to release this album? The answer is on their Facebook page:

After finishing touring ‘This Is All Yours’ in December 2015 we took a long break. Thom released a solo album; Gus opened a restaurant; Joe has been watching a lot of films. We hadn’t set a time limit on our time off but by August 2016 we were ready to get back into the studio.

We can easily recognize Alt-J’s style, even if they’re still going off the tracks to compose. The band, as usual, plays on the number “3”. The teaser was released on the 03/03 – 3 days later they release the full single – and the album will be released 3 months and 3 days later.


01 3WW
02 In Cold Blood
03 House of the Rising Sun
04 Hit Me Like That Snare
05 Deadcrush
06 Adeline
07 Last Year
08 Pleader