Airplane Mode is a Brussels based organisation whose aim is to promote local artists and cultural initiatives through events and social medias.

Located in the heart of Brussels, at Place Royale, inside the CREATIS business incubator, supported by ING. We are sharing our working space with a wide range of dynamic young startups. Always several steps ahead, our dedicated team focused on being the stepping-stone for new Belgian talents.

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Through our different events, we are trying to combine both visual artists and live music performances so as to create links between the work of two local artists. Our main aim is to put in the spotlight new talents while being a hub for new Belgian musical and artistic trends.

Why “Airplane Mode”? Well, we just think that in today’s over-connected world, people should take more time to switch off their devices and lose themselves in Art. Feeling it and exploring in, and maybe find some tremendous artists. So turn your “Airplane Mode” on and join our family!