Belgium now has its new colorful dream place to hoop

Thanks to a recent artistic trend, a bunch of colorful and unique basketball courts are blooming across the world. After Paris, New-York and many other cities in the globe, a Belgian artist has finally overtaken a neighborhood basketball court in Aalst and transformed it into a crazy gem.

The well-known and very talented muralist Katrien Vanderlinden used no fewer than 137 liters of paint to enhance this common basketball court. Using bright colors and series of geometric lines, this project is described as a “colorful facelift” of an existing urban element. Located in Aalst, between a grammar school and a relief center for minor refugees, this place aims to be a new place for people to gather.

To spice up the site, the artist has teamed up with Aalst’s youth council to complete this massive project successfully. Concerning the design, they took inspiration from the world famous Pigalle Court in Paris or the Kaw X Nike court in New York. Mixing up a funky aesthetic with a touch of 80’s Memphis style basketball court, this place is definitely the new trendiest place for all the ballers in Belgium.

By Max
Source and credits : Designboom